In addition to the Log Cabin Museum, the O’Fallon Historical Society maintains an archive of photos, documents, stories, and artifacts related to O’Fallon’s history and residents.  We are undergoing efforts to digitize and index more of our collection to improve organization and accessibility of our materials.  Pat Swinger, our volunteer archivist, takes leadership on maintaining these materials.  Access to the archives is available by appointment and we are always happy to help search our materials for you.


One of our 1,800+ digital images and an all-time Facebook favorite! A 1948 city limits sign with Geraldine Ilie Hoff and Betty Gentemann Hirtz 

We have an extensive collection of images, with over 1,800 currently digitized. Here is the index of digitized photos in the OHS Collection.  Please contact us if you are interested in any of our images.  This listing will be updated as more of the collection is digitized and new images are acquired.  Note that in the index there are some scanned documents as well as photos.  Also, some descriptions refer to “I”or “my.” These are either comments from the image’s donor or our archivist, Pat Swinger.

Documents and Topical Files

We have both original and copies of documents related to O’Fallon’s history.  Many of these documents are filed by topic.  These topic files may also include newspaper clippings and research shared with us by local historians and family researchers.  A list of these topic files will be added to the website soon.

Oral Histories

The O’Fallon Historical Society underwent a large effort to collect oral histories (in many case audio recordings) from older members of the community in the 1980s and 1990s.  An index of these oral histories will be posted soon.


Omer Dame’s Rural Mail Cart (circa 1930) currently on display at City Hall (without the horses)

Our collection of artifacts ranges from materials collected from an archeological dig at Zumwalt’s Fort to memorabilia from early businesses and residents.  We also have several items related to the early railroad, civic organizations, early churches and much, much more.  Some materials are on display in our museum while others are maintained in storage while not on display.  O’Fallon City Hall graciously displays some of the larger items in our collection.


New Materials

We are always looking to add to our collection!  If you have photos, documents, or memorabilia related to O’Fallon history contact us to discuss donation. For photos and documents we are interested in scanned copies (especially 600 dpi or greater) as well as original materials.